Risecor’s integration methodology segments the integration process into intuitive work phases. Each phase has stage-gate requirements to be fulfilled before moving to the next phase. This approach increases clarity, engagement and accountability with cross-functional teams.



Risecor leverages technology to manage the multi-threaded task and deliverables required to accomplish successful business integrations. Our system provides team members with a progress dashboard, task assignments and updates, risk management tracking, and secure document storage. We are constantly evolving our integration toolset to provide our customers with market-leading solutions.

Risecor strategically harnesses cutting-edge technology to streamline the intricate tasks and essential deliverables crucial for seamless add-on business integrations. Our robust project management system acts as a central control hub, offering a comprehensive progress dashboard, generating weekly status reports and burn-up charts, continuously updating milestones and success benchmarks, and maintaining a detailed risk mitigation matrix.

Employing business process mapping, we meticulously optimize operational efficiency, pinpoint tech stack integration nodes, and establish a definitive single source of truth for critical business data, ensuring reliability, consistency and scalability.

Critical to our operational prowess is the utilization of the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform. This platform empowers us to execute end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes, expediting the generation of informed, data-driven decisions. By aggregating data from each Portfolio Company (Portco), we extend enhanced visualization capabilities through Tableau, providing comprehensive insights and actionable intelligence.

Risecor’s commitment to leveraging these advanced systems ensures agile, data-centric decision-making and positions your investment for revenue growth and accelerates increased valuation.


When RiseCor delivers a complex data file or model, it is our goal to assure our clients get immediate value from our work.  Every strategy is only as good as its execution. As such, we have built a team of execution experts that can convert our strategic deliverables into tools that can be immediately utilized by your team.

Our revenue operations experts are certified in Salesforce, HubSpot, and other go-to-market software platforms.  We are focused on showing an immediate return on your investment in RiseCor. Ultimately, we will assure your new account segmentation workbook, tableau dashboard, pricing model, or any other analytics output, can be integrated into your CRM and marketing automation tools from day one.


RiseCor’s Salesforce certified developers analyze and deploy the Salesforce.com solutions that best fit the needs and capabilities of an organization.

You can count on our certified experts to have the knowledge required to support the Salesforce implementation that will power major future initiatives


HubSpot’s software contains everything you need to do inbound marketing and sales. You can build a great responsive website, blog, email campaign, social listening, and A/B tested landing pages with a tool like HubSpot.  As a Hubspot Certified Partner, our experts can deploy this system and train your team on how to maximize the value of the platform.


We use a rapid, fact-based approach, which means we create and launch solutions quickly. This agile approach requires us to execute, refine, and reinforce in rapid succession. Our “Lean Consulting” Process enables our clients to learn and execute corrective pivots as part of the standard operating procedure.