Fuel Your Value Creation Velocity

Through the professionalization of systems, comprehensive integration, and expert guidance, Risecor helps private equity firms maximize portfolio company growth.

Your Trusted Partner for Exponential Growth

Unlock exponential growth for your portfolio companies with Risecor as your strategic ally. Our proven expertise in elevating people, refining processes, and optimizing systems is the cornerstone of accelerating value creation. Through seamless integration strategies and insightful guidance, we don’t just promise improved profitability; we deliver transformational results.

From cost-efficient operations to enhanced scalability and revenue growth, our approach guarantees your portfolio companies will maximize their valuation potential. Connect with us today to discover how our tailored solutions propel businesses toward unparalleled business performance.


We provide comprehensive strategic recommendations to guide
the post-acquisition integration project plan.

To help companies make great decisions, we arm them with data, insights, and best practices. Our go-to-market strategies deliver integrated multi-channel, multi-audience strategies, based upon a deep understanding of persona buying behavior. Our data-driven approach leads to profitable growth, even in times of uncertainty. These are the building blocks of how we work.

Accelerate Value Across the Investment Lifecycle

No matter what stage of the private equity investment lifecycle your portfolio company is in, we can help accelerate value creation. Our team of experts will provide strategic recommendations and guidance to maximize success from acquisition to exit.


Reduce investment risk through pre-acquisition discovery by empowering our PE partners to precisely evaluate their acquisition targets before investing.

Platform Optimization

Aggressively structure the company for accelerate growth and scale and tighten system integrations to streamline processes.

Acquisition Integration

Rapidly recognize business synergies and implement a well-designed integration plan to maximize value creation velocity.

Value Creation

Expert optimization and comprehensive add-on integrations quickly grow Portco valuation throughout the investment hold period.

Our Framework for Building Your Value Generation Machine

Our seasoned team members are dedicated to building a robust engine for success in your portfolio companies. Through their expertise in optimizing people, processes, and systems, they provide comprehensive integration support and guidance that helps your team to operate at peak performance, maximizing the pace of value creation.

How We Create Value Velocity


We offer insightful guidance that accelerates your decision-making process and mitigates risks. Our adept professionals specialize in change management processes and offer innovative solutions to proactively address potential issues upfront, ensuring a smooth journey for your business. Our in-depth industry knowledge across a wide variety of sectors enables us to identify risks associated with security, people, process, vendor, financial, and security risks, providing a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.


As your trusted integration partner, we provide all the tools and expertise needed to optimize the creation of value for your portfolio companies. Our services include cost reduction, establishing business metrics and dashboards for performance visibility, and developing a detailed plan with dedicated teams, streamlined processes, and measurable KPIs. Our seamless approach to integrations ensures all aspects are taken care of, leaving you with peace of mind and improved operations for your portfolio companies.


In the world of private equity portfolio companies, success hinges on the right people, processes, and systems. This is where our team steps in with unparalleled expertise. We specialize in streamlining your tech stack, optimizing your teams, and professionalizing your business practices to unlock valuable synergies that create new opportunities and drive profitability. With efficient processes and best practices in place, we help position your company to scale and achieve maximum growth.

Ready to Rev-up Portco Growth?

Get in touch with us today to start building the engine for success in your portfolio companies. Our expert team can help you unlock peak performance and maximize value creation!

New Org Chart & Cross-sell Deals in 7 Weeks

A public safety policy and training solutions company acquired a mental health technology solution for high-stress professions. The acquisition was integrated into the core platform to extent safety training to include a mental health and wellness module for their existing and new customers.

Reduced IT Budget by 40% & Costs by $400K+ in 12 Weeks

Post-Acute Healthcare provider with high operating costs negatively impacting profitability. The provider needed to realign technology and staff to match their new strategic direction. Current IT infrastructure was not scalable, requiring large staff to manage and maintain.